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Estate Clean-Outs in Northern New Jersey

Find out the value of your antiques with professional appraising from A Appletree Antique in Northern New Jersey. We also offer estate clean-outs to help auction off old items.

Appraising Your Antiques
Have your antiques appraised by our expert antique dealer, Sandy Holover. Sandy offers to come to your home and appraise any old items you have, from paintings and furniture to chowder pots and fine art pieces. If you have a probate situation, she'll give you a fair market value to help you divide up the appraisal equally.

Appraisals include:

  • Market Value Appraisals for Insurance Purposes
  • Divorce Appraisals

• Notarized Documentation for Your Records & Ours

Purchasing Your Items
If you're interested in selling your antiques to us, our antique dealer offers to come to your home free of charge to make an offer on your items based on a fair market value for what we can resell it for. Sandy always gives honest prices for your items along with receipts to legitimize the transactions.

Estate Clean-Outs
Auction off old items from a deceased's estate with quality assistance from A Appletree Antique. Antique dealer, Sandy Holover, helps sell your loved one's various antique items by performing a complete estate clean-out with referrals available if necessary at no extra charge.

Antique Stopwatch, Antique Appraisals, Antique Dealer in Roseland, NJ
Antique Typewriter, Antique Appraisals, Antique Dealer in Roseland, NJ

Why hire someone to run your garage?

* We will educate you on how to run an affective garage/yard sale.
* We will appraise your items prior to your garage/yard sale.

*** We can help you save money and receive the optimal amount from your items. ***

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